For many of us, company is coming soon so it’s no wonder that kitchen updates are especially popular on right now.

Nancy Fire, Design Director for HGTV HOME, says there are many ways to get a fresh new look, like a new tile backsplash in updated colors and geometric layouts. “Also, galvanized steel flat sheets can make a backsplash updated with a modern flair.”

Nancy says many homeowners are painting the inside of their glass-front kitchen cabinets with a contrasting color or using wallpaper. “Patterns like stripes and geometric two-color patterns are trending.”

A simple way to update the kitchen is swapping out the cabinet hardware. “You can really change the feel by using a new metal finish. I am seeing a lot of brushed nickel and bronze because metallics and metals are a huge trend right now.”

If you need additional storage, Nancy says bar carts are a hot trend. “So many people are repurposing vintage carts and using them to showcase dinnerware and vintage cookie jars as well as appliances.”

There are many ways to update your space. Give your guests something unexpected in the kitchen this season. Nancy says, “My favorite trend these days is anything creative and unique.”

First published by HGTV’s blog Design Happens.