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Upcoming Events // NYC Textile Design Shows : From Indigo to PrintSource

Upcoming Events // NYC Textile Design Shows : From Indigo to PrintSource Just finished up at Indigo NYC at Pier 92 this past Tuesday and Wednesday.  We are now prepping for PrintSource Tuesday August 12… Continue reading

Quick Recap w/ Design Works

Happy Holidays from Design Works Intl and First2Print

Design Works Intl Designer

Inspired by Paris

Print and Pattern in the Home

Tiff, PSD, JPEG and more: Not all pixels are created equal

By James, Design Development. Now, I’d like to try and make sense of the difference between a few different Raster Art image formats. All the art/images discussed here will fall into the Raster… Continue reading

Illustrator or Photoshop: do you know the difference?

By James, Design Development. In this discussion we will use the word “vector” when discussing Illustrator files and “raster”  when talking about Photoshop files. A vector image is made up of paths, each… Continue reading