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New technology changing graphic novels

By Jim. This video about Marvel Comics shows a great new direction the company is going. The artist is using technology to expand his tool set and bring comics into the modern era… Continue reading

The new Wacom tablet is… a sketchbook

By James, Design Development Inkling by Wacom may be the coolest of the digital drawing tablets. It’s an actual pen that is tracked on an A4 size paper. The sensor captures whatever you… Continue reading

The disposable flash drive

By Jim, Design Development Art Lebedev has combined technology with ecology by designing a USB flash drive made out of cardboard. It’s called a flashkus and it comes in a set of four… Continue reading

Gentlemen Take Polaroids

By James, Design Development Photos done with film are rare these days, and the Polaroid is truly a dying art. Kodak no longer makes the film itself. Fuji and and independent group of… Continue reading

Cloud computing: why you need it

By Michael, Design Development Currently being used by Google and Amazon for music and documents, and even by some multiplex movie theaters, the concept of “cloud computing” has recently gained more notoriety as… Continue reading