Unpacking the Future Bicycle

By James, Design Development

I’ve always thought that one of the purposes of design was to solve a creative problem. Whether making a textile design work with minimal color, defining a brand through the use of a mark and color, or in this case cycle designs that are beautiful, practical and safe. Being an avid cyclist, seeing a design for a new bicycle always catches my eye and this entry for the Seoul Design Foundation contest was something that made me say, “wow”. Not only do we see a functional problem solved with the ability to fold the bike closed, but the beauty of the lines is evident in both the compact package and the fully extended bike. Continue reading

7UP Targets a Big Market with Retro Graphics

7UP became a major brand of soft drink in 1967 after it was marketed with the tag “the uncola” to differentiate it from Coke. Adverts used a Beatles-esque Yellow Submarine-look, to suggest that 7UP was fun, quirky, psychedelic, and in tune with the era. The campaign also suggested that the slightly wild experience was a natural one. The bright, clean colors were, notably, a striking contrast to Coke’s dark brown-black. I mean, would you want to steer a submarine through water that color? Nor would we. It’s unspoken, but the advert suggested that 7UP’s major rival was out of date and unhealthy.

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