Cloud computing: why you need it

By Michael, Design Development

Currently being used by Google and Amazon for music and documents, and even by some multiplex movie theaters, the concept of “cloud computing” has recently gained more notoriety as Apple introduced their new iCloud service, which will be fully functional in Fall 2011. Apple’s simpler and more efficient take on the cloud has made competitive services now seem more complicated and more expensive to use.

The cloud is very much just storing and accessing your own documents, music, photos, etc. on a company’s server instead of on your own local hard drive. Therefore, no worries of losing any information due to stolen or damaged computers, or hard drive crashes. At any time you are able to access your files from any computer you happen to be working on.

For these reasons, the cloud would be great for a whole range of companies. It could extend to more efficient deliveries of clientele files via downloads, no matter how large the file size may be (granted that a high speed internet service is used). In addition, security may not have to be an issue as the cloud’s host carries that burden. Mainstream applications could also be used through the cloud, rendering local installations of even creative software hassle-free. No applications startups, and perhaps no crashes, just a simple login to a secure site.

Still in its infancy, the cloud could become a primary medium for any market as it is more widely adopted in years to come.

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