Philippe Starck’s lamps, like iPad, for anywhere

By Alejandro, First2Print

Commissioned by Architecture firm FLOS, and in collaboration with Eugene Quitllet, the well known designer Philippe Starck has created two lamps that can easily be integrated in any office, hotel or home space. Great design and cutting-edge technology are the basic qualities that define Bibliotheque Nationale and Net Lamp.

Liptons uses graphics to rebrand tea

Illustrator Cesar Evangelista has used his graphic talents to adorn cans of Lipton iced tea.  Four different designs, each with their own personality, have been created by Mexican born, Evangelista, who works under the pseudonym Mr Kone.

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Cake fashion

By Mike, Design Development

It’s funny how food and fashion sometimes go together. Just think of Katy Perry’s video for California Girlz, in which the models/actors wear cakes for clothing. Converse also currently has a cup cake pattern for its sneakers.

Having recently participated in the National Pastry Competition in Phoenix, AZ as one of seven servers to the judges, I’ve learned that, like judging model competitions, it is a much coveted role. Literally in the heart of the event, a server not only has the honor of holding delicate, edible art in their hands, but also the privilege of sampling each and every creation born from the creative minds of world renowned pastry chefs. Continue reading

One shirt that has everything covered

Rochelle Behrens, a lobbyist at Quinn Gillespie & Associates, has developed a women’s businessshirt that doesn’t gape at the buttons, revealing more than the wearer intended. This is apparently a big problem especially for business women who find male colleagues distracted, and themselves taken less seriously.

“The one item in a woman’s wardrobe that is supposed to project professionalism ends up undermining your credibility,” Behrens says. “I wanted it to be youthful, to be fresh. I wanted it to look like myself. I wanted to wear things that were not form-fitting but that were tailored. And no matter how much I spent, button-down shirts never fit across the bust. I would safety-pin my shirts from inside.” Continue reading