Design Works in the press: Surtex’s On The Surface

From Surtex

Now that her innovative design studio is old enough to drink a Champagne toast to itself – 21 makes you legal in New York – founder and Creative Director Nancy Fire has been busy, well,innovating.

Renowned on both sides of the Atlantic for original CAD print and painted design, Design Works International has a new look, a streamlined and stylish new logo, a new website, and a brand-new client service, called Creative Corporate (more, later).

The update is designed “to keep us fresh, to complement our latest developments, and to signify our moving forward,” Nancy reports.

What started as a fashion studio more than… continue reading at (scroll down, bottom-right)

The disposable flash drive

By Jim, Design Development

Art Lebedev has combined technology with ecology by designing a USB flash drive made out of cardboard. It’s called a flashkus and it comes in a set of four that are connected and perforated to be torn off and used. They’re light, environmentally friendly and disposable. The paper surface makes it easy to label; and they come in 4GB, 8GB or 16 GB capacity.

Graffiti art inspires textiles

Fashion Saboteur blog takes inspiration from Nathan Bowen's graffiti art

By Dani, First2print

Ever go on a vacation ready to see the “sites” and find it is your ever day surroundings and family that are your real inspiration. Well, my family did just that! During this past winter break we were on a journey to cheer on my daughter’s favorite team, Chelsea, to a victory and stumbled upon some great street art that hit a chord in all of us. The mystery street artist had my family so proudly taking photos of his work as we walked for what seemed like a mile next to it. Continue reading

Missoni targets the American high street

By Sarah, Design

Missoni has become the latest fashion brand to feature a limited edition product line at high street retailer Target. Available in stores from September 13th, the collection will include 400 pieces, including womens, mens and childrens clothing, as well as home decor accessories, luggage and even a bicycle. Prices range from $3-$600 with most being under $40, making the line affordable for many target shoppers. Following in the footsteps of Liberty of London and Zac Posen the partnership will introduce Missoni to a larger audience, re-energizing the brand. Not to mention that in todays economy its considered cool to shop cheap and pick up a designer bargain. Continue reading

Running Type

By Eleah, First2Print

I never thought of typography design as a physically taxing endeavor. It is for Joan Pons Moll, a graphic designer and recent running enthusiast living on the island of Minorca, which is off the coast of Spain. Joan is in the midst of Running Alphabet, a project that combines typography and running to design a new typeface.

He’s traded in his tablet pen for sneakers, and plans to create a new typeface with them. Using the GPS based app, RunKeeper, Joan tracks his runs, each one following a route that eventually traces out the complete form of one letter of the alphabet. His mission is to complete all of the letters of the alphabet, upper case and lower case. He’s interested in contributors, so if you’re a runner, give him a H.O.L.L.E.R.

The earth designer

By Alejandro, First2Print

Jim Denevan — a surfer,  sand artist and self-taught chef — has dedicated part of his life to create ephemeral sand, ice and soil large scale drawings that the weather eventually erases. The only registries of his work are the pictures taken and  the memory of the passing admirers.

Buttons as surface design

By Alejandro, First2Print

By hammering thousand of pins into a wall and placing a button on each of them, Ran Hwang creates magnificent  installations to evoke a divine figure of the Buddha , traditional Korean vessels,  falling blossoms  and birds.  Hwang addresses current social issues as well as timeless spiritual concerns.