Graffiti art inspires textiles

Fashion Saboteur blog takes inspiration from Nathan Bowen's graffiti art

By Dani, First2print

Ever go on a vacation ready to see the “sites” and find it is your ever day surroundings and family that are your real inspiration. Well, my family did just that! During this past winter break we were on a journey to cheer on my daughter’s favorite team, Chelsea, to a victory and stumbled upon some great street art that hit a chord in all of us. The mystery street artist had my family so proudly taking photos of his work as we walked for what seemed like a mile next to it.

After a few months back in the USA, I stumbled upon a  fashion and textile blog while doing research for First2print called the Fashion Sabatuer, and gasped when my eyes caught the photos of similar artwork that inspired me. (The mystery street artists’ name was found . Nathan Bowen and he’s influencing other street art to pop up all over London!  along with textiles designers on both sides of the pond.

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