The Dior hotel suite

Having created a Dior suite in 1991, the St. Regis hotel, New York, has been working with the design house once again, and has now unveiled a second  Dior suit.  The new suite is 1700 square ft, and comprised of a bedroom, bathrooms, and a dining room and living room.

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Steve Jobs: unexpected fashion icon

By james, Design Development

In this interesting extract from the forthcoming biography of Steve Jobs, Walter Isaacson tells how he came to wear his signature black turtleneck. Years ago he visited Japan and spoke with the CEO of Japan. He learned that many years previous to that in Japan when people were hired, often they were poor and didn’t have clothing they were given a uniform to wear that often included a black jacket with zip off arms that could also be worn as a vest. Jobs loved this idea and actually brought it back to Cupertino, CA and tried to convince the Apple employees to participate — but they laughed at him. Continue reading

Interior design Venice: a house of glass in a shell of stone

“My former apartment was in a typical 15th-century Venetian palace,” says Marco Agostini, the Director General of the City of Venice. Agostini, 51, told the New York Times recently,  “even though I live[d] alone, the rooms were too small and the windows allowed little light in. Quite frankly the whole place clashed with my modern furniture.” Continue reading