Celebrities launching “affordable” fashion brands

The Olsen twins — Mary-Kate and Ashley — have ventured into fashion before, with their labels The Row and their Elizabeth and James. Now they’re launching a new design collection through the online fashion retail site  Stylemint. With Stylemint, you register and describe your style by choosing from various looks. Once Stylemint knows what you’re interested in, it creates your own personal online “showroom,” with clothing and accessories in your style.

For the Olsens, Stylemint offers a way to reach  amore global public — this time, in the UK. The Olsens were named Council of Fashion Deisgners of America (CFDA)’s Womenswear Designer of the Year for The Row label earlier this month.

And their line, retailing in the UK, will be promoted as affordable style, with most garments selling for less than 20 pounds sterling (that’s about $30 US).

Jennifer Hudson for QVC.

The Olsen’s aren’t the only celebrities capitalizing on their brand, and launching a fashion line at the moment. Recording artist and former American Idol finalist Jennifer Hudson is currently launching a collection for QVC.

The line will be in the shops in September, and will carry sizes from  size six to 16. Jennifer says she “wanted the clothes to be where any girl could wear it – no matter what size you are – and you could feel comfortable in it.”

Doug Howe, QVC’s executive vice president of merchandising, planning and sales says, Jennifer “has this great Cinderella story, an aspiration for different women,” that will be a big part of marketing the line.

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