Embellished and accessorized fashion makes its mark

Menswear and womenswear is getting bolder, with lots of prints, colors, and textures such as torn denim and patches. This week, the fashion spotlight was on menswear companies showing their collections in Britain.

“Topman presented a eclectic mix of vivid prints, slouchy jumpers and neon sportswear pieces,” Reuters reports.

Topman design director Gordon Richardson said he wanted to use “interesting surface-style prints,” to create an energetic look.

“We tried to throw all those elements together, which is the outcome of the show,” he said, “you’ve got all of those hand-painted prints, you’ve got the surfer-skate kind of story … it’s always that big melting pot of stuff that we work on.”

In the US,  Gardeur GmbH has just launched its g design Womenswear Collection Spring/Summer 2013. It’s returned to “the denim colours of the 90s” with “stylish washes.” Batik pants, batik jeans in Campari red and white, and “embroidery in a fade-out look” are also part of g design.

Elle Accessories — a spinoff of Elle magazine — is being brought back after going out of print in 2008. At the time, high end fashion was suffering from the economy, but it’s actually one sector of the market that has grown in strength. So much so, that several fashion magazines are being relaunched.

The New York Times reports that Kevin C. O’Malley, senior vice president, publisher and chief revenue officer of Elle, who also oversees Elle Accessories, calls accessories “a great point of entry” for fashion marketers “to engage consumers, to bring them into a brand’s fold.”

The sale of bags and other accessories is booming partly because they can be purchased online without running the risk of “fit issues” that comes with clothing.

For those who are interested, a one-time, four-color ad page in Elle Accessories will cost about $28,000.

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