Pucker up: new product is covered by kiss icon

Red lips are a “symbol of feminine mystique,” say Meg Cohen and Karen Kozlowski in Read My Lips: A Cultural History of Lipstick.

Stars from Marilyn Monroe to Paloma Picasso and Madonna have made them their trade mark. And in 1971, graphic designer John Pasche created the “Tongue and Lips” logo for rock band The Rolling Stones. The logo has become so well-known that Gigwise recently said that “there isn’t an album logo as iconic and easily identifiable,” and describe d the Tongue and Lips logo as having “legendary status.”

The iconic female lips — symbolizing beauty, fun, modernity, and the freedom to express ourselves — has become part of the culture of our lives. And, at Design Works International, we’ve been noticing them around a lot lately. From textiles prints and knits to products from purses to iPhone cases, lips are one of the season’s “must haves.” Below are some of our favorites.


1. Alice + Olivia Lips & Eye Cardigan. 2. Kissing Lips pendant by Zara. 3. Stripy Lips iPhone hardcase by Marc Jacobs.  4. Lips continental leather wallet by Diance von Furstenberg. 5. Acedia top by Diane von Furstenberg.

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