Levi’s goes bold print for the season

Convertible Tulip Dress by Levi's, 2013.

Convertible Tulip Dress by Levi’s, 2013.

The origin of the Levis® brand goes back to the Gold Rush period. In 1853, the Bavarian-born Levi Strauss moved to San Francisco to open a dry goods retail company. Two decades later, Levi partnered with tailor Jacob Davis to create the first riveted, blue denim jeans.

Today, Levi’s® is still known for its jeans. But the brand is also about its popular youthful menswear and womenswear lines. This season, Levi’s® is also showcasing big, bold womenswear textile print.

Palm Print Tank Top by Levi's, 2013.

Palm Print Tank Top by Levi’s, 2013.

Printed items include a “Convertible Tulip Dress” and “Smocked Neck Blouse” (both with bold, watercolor florals) and a Palm Print Tank Top.

Among the more subtle prints and effects, Levi’s® also has a “Shibori Print Tee” in red and white or blue and white. Shibori is a Japanese term for what we might call “tie-dye”, although the effect is often more complicated and subtle. The Levi’s® Shibori Print Tee features a subtle, sophisticated, linear effect.

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