Handmade Wine Bags by Marnie


We had a young entrepreneur visit the studio this week named Marnie. She is only 10 years old and already has coined herself as “CEO” of Handmade Wine Bags by Marnie. She started her business only a year ago after she got her own sewing machine for Hannukah. She started out by doing simple sewing projects on the weekends but ended up working with her grandmother to make custom wine bags for grandmother’s friends. Now, her business is official with her own business cards and is even creating new variations of her project regularly.

When Marnie visited the studio, her creative skills were put to the test by getting to work with our in-house designers and textile makers on creating her own fabric. She decided on a floral print she liked and then worked on Photoshop to make her hand-drawn work come to life. She even got to see her fabric being printed on the machines.

She uses a 4-step process to cut & sew her wine bags. She makes 6 bags in 1 sitting, using 1 yard of fabric. One bag is $5.00.

If you are interested in purchasing a handmade wine bag, email handmadebymarnie@gmail.com

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