Fall Fashion: Comfort is Key

Colder weather calls for comfier clothes! Luckily, one of the biggest trends this season in both fashion and home is COMFORT, with a focus on soft, cozy fabrics to keep us warm. We have been seeing tons of neutral colors that will match anything in your closet, and even sweaters that look (and feel😍) like blankets. Here are some of our favorite looks:


This Zara sweater pairs perfectly with a printed skirt and booties for a less chilly day, or your favorite jeans when the temperatures drop.


Colorful knits like this one from Urban Outfitters are a fun way to cheer up your cold weather blues! Pair it with your favorite funky pants for an awesome outfit.


One of the best articles of clothing ever~ the blanket sweater! Throw this over any outfit and you’ll feel like you never left your bed.


We’re imagining this unique zip-sleeve sweater, also from Zara, with a patterned long sleeve tee underneath for a fun, extra warm layered look! Comfy & stylish.😎

In home we’ve been seeing knotted and fringed blankets, oversized knits, and pillows with fuzzy details for extra comfort. Here’s some inspiration to make your home as cozy as possible for the colder season!



In the name of print & pattern,


Design Works International is a lifestyle studio located in the heart of Manhattan that’s been helping to define and capitalize on trends for over 30 years. Originally (and still) a print studio, the in-house artists at Design Works International are busy every day exploring, inspiring, and creating to bring you original prints that are on-trend and sure to sell!

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