UPDATE: The Latest in Kitchen Trends

This year, we’ve seen dinnerware and kitchen accessories start to transition from sleek and modern to more organic and fun. We’re talking abstract and splatted paint, uneven and natural line work, and exciting colors, and veering away from “matchy-matchy” plate sets. Another eco-friendly trend that we’ve seen is the use of more organic and sustainable materials such as bamboo, marble, and wood which will last longer and survive the daily wear-and-tear of kitchen use.

Here’s some inspiration for your kitchen update😉

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kitchen 2

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Design Works International is a lifestyle studio located in the heart of Manhattan that’s been helping to define and capitalize on trends for over 30 years. Originally (and still) a print studio, the in-house artists at Design Works International are busy every day exploring, inspiring, and creating to bring you original prints that are on-trend and sure to sell!

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