About Us



Nancy Fire knows a thing or two about trends. As founder and creative director of Design Works International, she specializes in trend presentations, print/color direction, color palettes, and graphics. In today’s ever-changing marketing, it is crucial to stay relevant and maintain emotional resonance as a brand.

Design Works International, her design studio located in NYC is a “diversified creative think-tank” consisting of designers from all over the globe… Portugal, England, Mexico, Italy, Korea, Russia and New York City. With such a diverse group of people, our interests and influences are extensive.

We are painters, writers, illustrators and we love crafts, typography, photography and industrial design as well as Interior design, fashion and home furnishings. (Nancy is also Design Director for HGTV HOME) Our free time is spent at museums and stores finding the latest in art and trends to fill our Instagram & Pinterest boards.

For us, design is not limited to just a single category, design encompasses everything. We are not just a design studio, what we do affects our entire life… we are a lifestyle studio.