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For the past 30 years, Design Works International, or DW for short (and for the sake of space and all that typing), has been a leader in print, pattern, trend, and color. We have worked with brands from HGTV and Kelly Ripa Home to Kimberly Clark and Dollar Tree.

So, how can we help you? Well, the short answer is, “we get it.” We’re tracking the latest micro-trends while analyzing the bigger movements and changes in how people are living their lives. And we know how to work with you to capitalize on these lifestyle trends whether its through your business, product, or very own home.

We might share photos from an artisan trade show in New York City, the world’s largest furniture market in North Carolina, or from Paris where we may have just spotted the most amazing textiles you have ever seen. We are global and we know what we are talking about. So throw us a +follow, you wont be sorry.

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