2018 Gift Guide: Ideas for the Designer in Your Life


Also known as The Things We’d Love to Get (hint, hint). All kidding aside, these are our picks for the gifts to give and get this season for the creatives in your life. Our studio is a mix of designers specializing in print, pattern, color, and interiors – and we’ve all unanimously agreed we’d be thrilled if some of these gifts found their way under our trees and menorahs this year.

Under $25

one.  all the tools of the trade can be organized in style with this compartmentalized pencil cup

two.  technically a baking dish, this tray is so fun we’d consider using it as a catchall for keys and accessories when we’re not whipping up a batch of brownies

three.  this gradient puzzle comes in various colors for a real test of your color vision

four.  let your caffeine fix speak for you with this statement mug

five.  a multipurpose desk accessory, this pad of paper has clever cutouts to house various tools, keeping all your clutter in line while you jot down whatever comes to mind 

six.  another gem from the jOTBLOCK line, this sketchpad has colored pencils built-in and at the ready for whenever inspiration strikes

seven.  is it just us or do our phones keep getting bigger and bigger? Get a handle on yours with a PopSocket grip and you can even customize it like we did with one of our original prints

eight.  you can never have enough clips around and these will glam up any pile of paper you can throw at them

Under $75

one.  this hanging organizer would look great above your desk, beside your front door, or even in the kitchen for quick access to supplies and easy organizing

two.  mismatched and multicolored, these glass dessert bowls are a fun and colorful way to enjoy a beverage or serve up a sweet snack in a unique and artistic way

three.  Sketchbox is a subscription service that lets you try out different art supplies every month

four.  vibrant and French, we think this sketchbook will challenge you to fill it with equally alluring creativity 

five.  hydration is a necessity and, in our world, so is style. Enter the Sowden water bottle from Hay

Under $150

one.  Native Union does some beautiful things with tech accessories and this wireless charging dock has both brains and beauty

two.  as designers we spent most of our day staring at our computer screens. Which is why some of us swear by Felix Gray eyeglasses, which are engineered to filter blue light and eliminate glare to reduce eye strain and those awful late afternoon headaches. (Pro tip: remember to take them off when matching color)

three.  never come back to a cold cup of coffee or tea again – the Ember mug is a temperature-controlled ceramic mug that will maintain a set temperature for about an hour or all day if you use the included charging coaster

four.  a digital artist’s best friend: the stylus. Some members of our team have this Apple Pencil on their wish lists for Santa this year

five.  cord control just got even better looking: another gadget from Native Union, the Eclipse charging station will charge up to three devices simultaneously at maximum speed

six.  the original Instagram, Polaroids are back in style and we’re all wishing we had one of their new instant cameras in our hands

In the name of print, pattern, &  warm, fuzzy holiday wishes,