Wellness Trend: Hygge Lifestyle


New year, new you, right? Learn how the Hygge Lifestyle can make you a better person in 2019. 

Hygge is a Danish term that means “creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people”. This can vary from person to person, and it is associated with the contentment that comes from living well, finding balance, showing gratitude and spending quality time at home with loved ones. This concept has swept across the UK from Denmark and is making its way to the US. I think we can all use more hygge in our lives! Here are some tips to embrace your inner hygge:

If you don’t already have one, create a cozy space in your home to read, drink a cup of tea, and spend time with friends and family. Hygge is all about comfort, and having a space like this is a great step to embrace this.

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Bake a cake like this Nordic one or cook a comforting meal to share with friends or family. Many of our busy schedules don’t allow time to cook something wholesome and delicious, so taking the time to do so is almost therapeutic, plus your home will smell amazing!

Tosca cake from NORDIC BAKERY cookbook on Lazy Sunday Cooking

Tip: the Danish go phone-free for shared meals and time together, challenge your friends and family to this next time you gather!

Hygge your home with more blankets, comfortable materials, candles, plants, and anything else that makes you feel happy and good! Soft and natural light is valued in Danish culture, so open your curtains and use all of your favorite candles.

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Autumn Interior Decor tips for Fall decor, interior decor ideas to steal! :) Cozy autumn blankets

Hygge decor: Soft natural light through blinds can make a room feel ultra cosy and makes the most of the daylight hours we do enjoy during the winter. These pleated blinds will create a soft infused and dappled hygge lighting effect. (Pleated blinds by Style Studio). Find more ideas at housebeautiful.co.uk

Create something, spend time outside, watch your favorite movies and find happiness and balance in your hygge!

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